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Tim Dunn

tim dunn treasurer

Tim Dunn


Timothy Dunn was born and raised on Staten Island, NY.  In March 1966 he entered the United States Marine Corps on a three-year enlistment, serving in combat in Vietnam with the 2d Battalion 1st Marine Regiment and with Headquarters Company 1st Marine Regiment.  Upon returning to the United States, Tim served with the 2d Battalion 2d Marine Regiment in Camp Lejeune, NC.  He separated from active duty in March 1969.

Following Marine Corps service, Tim attended college in New York City and worked for several Wall Street brokerage houses.  Tim relocated to California for eight years in the 1970s, completing his bachelor’s degree and pursued graduate school at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Moving back to New York in 1980, Tim returned to Wall Street employment, transferring to Denver, CO in 1988 with Citibank.  Tim joined the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in 1992, working in the Denver Regional for twenty-one years as an examiner/investigator.  Retiring from the SEC in 2013, Tim created a compliance consultancy that he still operates.  Married since 1972, Tim and his wife, Michelle, enjoy life in Colorado and consider themselves almost natives.

Tim is active in several Marine Corps veteran’s organizations, supporting Marines and Marine veterans.  He is the current president of the Vietnam Veterans of the 2d Battalion 1st Marines, Inc., a director of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the 1st Marine Division Association, and a member of Coopers Troopers, a Denver-area social group.

Tim is well-versed in financial management, corporate governance, 501(c)(3) charities, and has an MBA from the University of Colorado.