Memorial Day Ceremony 2024 - May 27, 1:45 PM


Master Sergeant Nick Cunningham’s Retirement Ceremony (May 4th, 2024)

Like many Marines, the United States Marine Corps Memorial stands for all we care about and all we serve for.

There have been many ceremonies at the Memorial that we know about, but were not documented – weddings, memorials, pinning’s, promotions, retirements, etc.

Contact us if you’d like to use the facilities.  The most recent ceremony was the retirement of MSgt Nick Cunningham on May 4th, 2024.  He said, when asked if the weather would deter the ceremony, “We’re doing it rain or shine!”  And the day was snowy, rainy, and cold…It is Colorado!  Semper Fidelis!

All photos by Mathew Rivera. 

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