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Mike Medina, Tank Commander

Michael Medina was born in California and relocated to Houston, Texas. After completing recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego in 2004, he then transitioned to Marine Combat Training school and graduated in 2005.

Upon completion of Marine Armor Crewman Course (tank school), Michael joined the Fleet Marine Force at 1st Tank Bn, 1st Marine Division located at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 palms California. He served as a tank driver for Charlie company in their preparation to support the War on Terror in Operation Iraqi Freedom 5-7. Once forward deployed, Michael and his tank platoon conducted counter insurgency operations and security, which diminished the amount of IED attacks and armed resistance on a heavily guarded MSR. His actions directly impacted the success of supply chains in the Al Anbar province. Furthermore, Michael’s platoon conducted vital tank infantry integration and counter sniper operations in direct support of all allied ground forces in his Area of Operation. Michael deployed and served in USCENTCOM from March 2005 until November of 2005.

In 2006, Michael was promoted to the rank of Corporal and was hand selected to be a part of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) forward deployed, aboard the USS Germantown. His tank platoon was tasked with working in conjunction with Battalion Landing Team 1/5, where his unit was in direct support of amphibious operations, crisis response, counter insurgency operations and anti-piracy missions for USCENTCOM and USPACOM. Michael served as a U.S Ambassador to allied nations, specializing in Tank infantry integration and the direct implementation of adding armor to the battlefield around the world.

In 2009, Michael Medina was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and returned to 1st Marine Division in which he graduated Honor graduate at Sergeants course. Upon completion, Michael was again hand selected for the role of Lead Instructor of Corporal’s course. He successfully led and completed 5 classes for newly promoted Noncommissioned Officers throughout multiple units. Michael was awarded the Navy Marine Corps Achievement medal for his efforts in the career development of his junior enlisted Marines.

In 2011, Michael was once again hand selected to be a Tank commander for the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. While operating as a crucial component within the MEU, Michael served as a force of readiness in the Pacific in direct support of USCENTCOM and USPACOM. Michael and BLT 1/1 were used as a quick rection force in the country of Oman – tasked to protect and defend the U.S. Embassy. Upon completion, Michael remained with his unit in their AO and acted as a force in readiness during military operations in Libya. Michael was vital to mission success as he successfully operated tank infantry integration with allied nations across the globe.

In 2012, Michael was next assigned to be the Platoon Sergeant of the Armor Crewman Course. During this time, Michael served as the lead instructor and directly led, trained and helped inspire young Marines which correlated with the successful graduation of 5 classes of new Marine Corps Tankers. Michael implemented new tactics and procedures from the fleet Marine Force through curriculum development to further evolve the Tank community. Michael served in this role until 2014 where he was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps.

In 2014, Michael’s next chapter lead him to CDA Technical institute where he graduated at the top of his class in commercial diving and underwater welding. Michael then was accepted to Texas A&M where he received his Unexploded Ordinance Technician license and began under water explosive removal operations in Guam and Hawaii for the Department of Defense and U.S. Navy. After the unfortunate events of the Covid- 19 Pandemic, Michael shifted his focus into commercial roofing and construction where he has led his nationwide company in total earned revenue, sales and project completion. He continues this role currently while serving as a National Director for Eco Roofing. In November of 2022 Michael opened M1A1 Construction services where he sits as the CEO of his own commercial roofing and construction company where he strives to bridge the gap on veteran unemployment.

Michael currently reside in Houston, TX where he continues his education by completing his bachelor’s in construction business management and MBA at LSU.


Awards: Navy Marine Corps Achievement, Combat Action, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Iraqi Campaign x3, Good Conduct x2, National defense, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation x2, Navy Unit commendation, Sea Service Deployment x3 deployment, certificate of commendation x 2

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