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Founded in 1974, completed and dedicated in 1977, the United States Marine Corps Memorial is located in Golden, Colorado. The Memorial’s mission is to honor all Marines and those who serve in other branches.

The five walkways represent different aspects of acknowledging service for Marines and the other branches. Four of the walkways are reserved for Marines, the remaining walkway is dedicated to other service members. Veterans (with honorable service( and active duty) qualify to buy a brick commemorating their service.

Select an individual walkway to purchase a brick or to learn more.

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The Walk of Service

The Walk of Service honors service members from all branches past and present.

The Walk of Valor

The Walk of Valor acknowledges Marines who received one of the top five medals of valor.

The Path to Service

The Path to Service honors the reasons of those who choose to become Marines.

The Walk Home

The Walk Home tells the story of Marines returning home after serving.

The Reflection Walk

The Reflection Walk honors Marines who earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.

Marine Stories

The United States Marine Corps Memorial is more than a place of Honor; more than a place of history; more than a place of healing;  it’s a place for YOUR story.  Your story is similar in many ways to others who can’t tell their story because they’re no longer with us or can’t because it’s too difficult or they’re physically unable.  Each of you who are Marines or who served with Marines has a story and it’s important to record that story so others will know they’re freedom wasn’t free, and what each of us gave of ourselves for the love of this country.  Our aim is to share what it is to be a Marine or to have served with Marines as a way to educate the public, especially our youth.  Watch for more stories here as time goes by.

The stories of Marines you will find on this page are just some of the stories we know are out there.

We’d love for you to send your story along with photos to be posted on this site.  It will be used as an educational tool for Young Marine detachments and Scouts to learn about what it means to be a Marine.  Send stories to

Ed Cooper

Robert Emmett Murphy Robert E Murphy, 91, of Northglenn CO passed away on April 4, 2023. Robert (Bob) was born on August 26, 1931 to

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Mike Medina

Mike Medina, Tank Commander Michael Medina was born in California and relocated to Houston, Texas. After completing recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San

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Max Brown, Part 3

Max Brown, WWII Marine (Part 3) Max Brown, in uniform. Max found his college sweetheart, Shirley, and they married on Flag Day, 1946!  When I

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