The Memorial's 47th Anniversary Celebration is 8/24/24 with a special performance by Dave Bray USA™. Donate $50 by 8/23 to get a general admission ticket. Click to learn more and get tickets.

The 47th Anniversary of the United States Marine Corps Memorial

with a special performance by Dave Bray USA™

16899 W Colfax
August 24th, 6:30 PM
Make a donation of $50 or more by 8/23/24


Join the USMC Memorial Foundation, in partnership with NFL Alumni and Special Guests Burrell Landis and Ryan Harris, to raise money for the United States Marine Corps Memorial remodel project.

Burrell Landes

Colonel, USMC (R) is an honorary USMC Memorial Foundation Board member and long-time friend of the Memorial.

Ryan Harris

Denver Broncos, Super Bowl Champion, bestselling author, award-winning broadcaster, and keynote speaker Ryan Harris can be seen on CBS, Broncos pre-season games, and more!

The Ridge at Castle Pines North
1414 Castle Pines Pkwy
Castle Rock, CO 80108

Individual Golfer $250 | Foursome $1000

Multiple Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Donate a brick and support the USMC Memorial remodel

Founded in 1974, completed and dedicated in 1977, the United States Marine Corps Memorial is located in Golden, Colorado. The Memorial’s mission is to honor Marines and remember all who served.

The five walkways represent different aspects of acknowledging service for Marines and the other branches. Four of the walkways are reserved for Marines, the remaining walkway is dedicated to other service members. Veterans (with honorable service) and active duty service members qualify to donate a brick commemorating their service.

Select an individual walkway to purchase a brick or to learn more.

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The Walk of Service

The Walk of Service honors service members from all branches past and present.

The Walk of Valor

The Walk of Valor acknowledges Marines who received 1 of the top five medals of valor.

The Path to Service

The Path to Service honors the reasons of those who choose to become Marines.

The Walk Home

The Walk Home tells the story of Marines returning home after serving.

The Reflection Walk

The Reflection Walk honors Marines who earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.


We need $3.5 million to build the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial expansion.

Donation is simple

Donors can contribute through PayPal or a credit card. It's simple and takes seconds.

2025 deadline

The goal is to have the money raised & complete construction long before the 50th anniversary of the Memorial.

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Recognizing Those Who Served

Leadership Jefferson County approached the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial Association in the fall of 2014 about making a dedicated expansion of the Memorial at 6th Avenue and Colfax. The Foundation was established to develop and complete the remodel plan.

Formation of the USMC Memorial Foundation was completed in 2017! We are now formally a 501(C)3 charitable organization registered with the state of Colorado and the IRS. Contact via email below for more information. In kind donations for certain aspects of the construction are possible. Please contact us to discuss. Go to the donation page for more information on how to donate. 

An Established 501 C(3)

Actively Seeking Donors

We are actively raising funds to make this project a reality. If you would like to help, please contact us or make a tax-deductible donation directly. Visit our donation page.

As Commandant Wilson stated when he dedicated the Memorial:


This Memorial’s mission is to:

  • Honor Marines of all Eras, living and deceased especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice
  • Remember the fallen
  • Remember those who serve with us and honor those who also earn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor
  • Teach the new generations of what their Freedoms cost and the rich history they inherited
  • Provide a venue for special events

The Memorial's Mission

Welcome to the United States Marine Corps Memorial remodeled!

The property is a triangle shaped 3.5-acre plot that begins at the historic 6 & 40 junction in Golden, CO. The view approaching from the East is a forced perspective leading your eye up the “Path to Service” and across the “Honor Plaza” to the entrance which is two towers representing sentries arched by a giant lit Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

As you enter the property from the parking lot you pass through the sentries (represented by two large/tall structures in development) and under the arch on the “Walk of Valor” honoring the 6 Marine Divisions and the 4 Marine Airwings along with bricks that may be purchased by Marines earning one of the top 5 military honors.

The “Honor Plaza” is an 8-sided shape representing the Marine utility cover and the work that Marines do while serving in the Corps and in their local communities and businesses. They make a mark wherever they are working!

From the “Honor Plaza” you can keep walk straight ahead to the “Path to Service” depicting images of young people and the different paths they took to becoming Marines. There will be bricks available on this walk for specific paths taken (still being developed). It culminates in the Plaza as the young person enters bootcamp, graduates as a United States Marine, and salutes the flag and an honor squad. The squad is opposite the Marine saluting the flag and the other Marines. Yellow footprints will light below their feet signifying the entrance to bootcamp and the salute and uniform signify their graduation.

To the Southwest corner you can exit the Plaza onto the “Walk Home” – a dedicated brick project with stories of what it was like coming home.

The southern winding walk is a Marine Reflection walk that is a dedicated brick project for any Marine to buy a brick.

To the Northwest corner from the Plaza you enter the All Services Walk and pass by an all services monument honoring all who serve and assist Marines in their mission. It will also include a Gold Star feature.

The northern winding walk is an all services Reflection walk and will have stories of how the Seabees, Corpsmen, Chaplains and others assist Marines through the ages.

Fifty flags of the states, an MIA/POW flag, a garrison flag and a Marine Corps Flag will be represented throughout the property as this is a National Memorial and represents Marines from all around the country.

The West side of the Plaza has a piece of the wall removed with the iconic Eagle, Globe & Anchor depicted as you enter the plaza on either side. The wall design is being developed so watch here for more.

Each feature could have a sponsor that would be discretely recognized with the appropriate donation. Prices are being finalized and will be available soon.

The original Memorial Wall feature idea will be included as part of the new design of the Memorial– still in development.

The History and Future of the United States Marine Corps Memorial

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Frequently asked questions

The USMC Memorial Foundation is tasked with raising funds and remodeling the United States Marine Corps Memorial in Golden, Colorado.

You may donate as much as you like by clicking on donate buttons throughout the website – call or email us with any questions about donating.

Donations are deductible to the extent the law allows for 501 (c) 3 contributions. No goods or services are provided in exchange for donations. Please check with your tax preparer for your specific information.. If you donate through Paypal, Facebook, or our other online methods, you will receive a receipt. If you donate through cash or check in an amount of $250 or more, you will be provided a receipt.