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Recognizing Those Who Served

Leadership in Jefferson County approached the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial Association in the fall of 2014 about making a dedicated expansion of the Memorial at 6th Avenue and I-70. The Foundation was established to develop this plan.

An Established 501 C(3)

Formation of the USMC Memorial Foundation is complete! We are now formally a 501(C)3 charitable organization registered with the state of Colorado and the IRS. Contact us at phone or email listed below for more information. We have possible donations of services in kind for several aspects of the remodel project but are in need of operating funds to move forward. Donations may be made by sending checks to the address below. Credit cards donations will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Actively Seeking Donors

We are actively raising funds to make this project a reality. If you would like to help, please contact us or make a tax-deductible donation directly.

About the Golden Colorado Marine Corps Memorial Rennovation

Leadership Jefferson County approached the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial Association in the fall of 2014 about making their class project the Memorial. After discussion and votes, it was decided that they would spearhead a project to be completed by Memorial Day 2015 including the following items:

  • Add a War Dog Boulder on the Circle of Honor
  • Add a Chaplain Boulder on the Circle of Honor
  • Professionally landscape the Walk of Valor
  • Add benches to the circle of Honor
  • Help improve the ceremony with a flyover and a professional singer; and invite city and county officials to participate

They completed this short-term project with grateful, appreciative, glowing reviews from all. The Memorial Day Ceremony 2015 was spectacular!


The class also proposed a long-term project to renovate the entire site to make it a showplace for the city and county as well as the state and country. Their idea was approved by the Memorial Association’s Board and all members present according to the Articles of Incorporation.

Leaders of the class introduced us to a Landscape Architect bar none! Ian Anderson with Matrix Design has led the Board of Directors through the design process and through the process of getting municipalities approval and support. This included input from the Memorial Association members/member organizations, active duty Marine Units, and veterans. The Colorado Department of Transportation, Jefferson County, and the City of Golden have all expressed great pleasure and individual support of the project. Letters of approval will be posted here in the coming month or so.

Once a professional estimate on the cost of the project is obtained, we will begin researching funding options. Mr. Anderson is hopeful we’ll qualify for grants and together with that and individual donations, we’ll be able to complete have a plan completed by the 40th Anniversary celebration and a display for the public. At that Anniversary ceremony – The 40th Anniversary will remind all that this Golden Landmark is a permanent reminder of the Marine Corps, Marine sacrifices, and military sacrifices for this nation!

For updates to the project, watch this page.


US Marine Corps Memorial - Remodel Master Plan




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